Monday, December 27, 2004

...only a saliva saturated flax seed

I thought I had another blister. I had just finished a bowl of cereal last night, and I felt a funny little bump on the inside of my mouth. I rinsed my mouth out, swished, and felt with my tongue and the funny little bubbly-lump was still there. It started to freak me out. R wasn't around, and at work until later tonight (usually I have R look at and diagnose my weird ailments). I tried to look in the mirror inside my mouth, and I could make out a small, dark colored blister nestled in my gums on the inside of my bottom teeth. I touched it with my finger-- squish squish. I was pretty freaked out, and didn't want to pop it so I was being absolutely careful. I had horrified visions of eating a hunk of crusty bread, and that thing popping and squirting inside my mouth while I was chewing...ewww.

Anyway, as the day progressed, I ate yogurt and bananas, so I didn't compromise the membrane. I started researching this whole weird blister situation, and all I could find was about herpes and information for treating a blister on your foot. I was trying to find some different information on the internet, when I felt the blister come off my gum and land on my tongue. I jumped up, spit the scab onto a napkin and rushed up to the mirror and good light in the bathroom to see what had happened.

Upon closer examination, my "blister" turned out to be a flax seed!

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GrapeNut said...

That sucks! You should get that checked. One thing that may help is "Are you running any fevers?" That would be a sign of infection. May be popping them is a bad idea?!?