Wednesday, December 08, 2004

what's going on?

Support the troops, not the war. For a real perspective, not the corporate conservative media bias, check out

I am not in the military, nor have I ever really wanted to pursue a military career. Nobody (recently) in my family is fighting in the war, or has fought in a war (I think my grandfather fought in WWII). I don't know why it breaks my heart every day that these young guys are dying for...what? Iraqi freedom? It's funny, we are occupying another country, and imposing our form of government, values, and in some cases, religion, and the people who are fighting back, telling us in so many ways that they do not want us doing things the way we are, that they understand they need help but there are so many strings attached to what accompanies the U.S. Government. The chickenhawks in D.C. look at the young (impressionable) men and women as disposable heros, inadequetly armored and armed, poorly trained, running bogus missions and feel that they are property to be used as they wish.

Every time I hear or read a report about the number of service men that died, I want to cry. I think about the amount that are wounded, mentally and physically, single, double and triple amputees and I want to cry. I think about the thousands (up to and probably over 100,000 by now) of Iraqi men, women and children that are killed and raped and I want to cry. I want to crawl under my covers and weep like the December north west rain.

The government is selling the American people a farce, a SUV driving, Wal-Mart, Krispy Kreme eating, Zoloft and Viagara taking, credit card dream.

Check out:, and don't be afraid to visit for some news from a different viewpoint.

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GrapeNut said...

I totally feel the same way. It's such a mess. An Aunt of mine who is not a blood relative (whatever), well her son who I babysat for when he was five - he was in Iraq, injured with so much shrapnel that he will never walk through a metal detector ever again, was sent to Germany to recup and then chose to sign up for some more and then go back to Iraq.

He probably can't function in this society. Sort of the way we were after the 11th. You get in this state of emergency living. You can't function any other way. I don't understand it - but can tell you it sucks.