Friday, January 28, 2005

birthday breakfast pot luck

Well, this morning at work, from 7:30 to 8, there was a "birthday breakfast pot luck" on the second floor (the big bosses, payroll and human resources). I received an email R.S.V.P. about it that I forgot to send back, and I wasn't sure if I would be at the office to participate. It turns out that I was going to be there, and I felt bad I didn't organize something to contribute to the pot luck.
I was at the office early because that is my routine, about 7:15, and was talking with my friend, Naan, about the pot luck situation. "Don't worry about it," she told me. "There is usually so much food there they have a ton left over. I've forgotten stuff before, and they get offended if you don't go and eat something. One time they knew I was in my office and they came and got me to eat something." I mulled it over, and we went up to the second floor to see what was there.

We took the elevator up, (we were in the basement, but it's not a gross musty basement, it's a large nice office area and computer education and training area) and as soon as the doors parted, we were greeted with the smell of eggs, bacon, and coffee. Now, I don't eat eggs or bacon anymore, but the smell was music to my nose. We walked down the hall, and just about everyone who works in the office greeted us cheerfully. "HI" they all said in unison (but not so much it was creepy). We greeted everyone, and I noticed Naan went into the kitchenette to get something so I followed to help her.

"Did you bring something?" I whispered to Naan. "Well, I brought a few scones" she said, opening a white paper bag with four scones in them, "and if you cut them up you can make them a lot of scones!" We laughed about that for a minute, and returned to the party.

I looked around, and I couldn't believe what my eyes saw. This birthday breakfast pot luck was unlike any other work event I've ever witnessed, let alone participated in, in my whole life. There were several of the upstairs office women stationed around the common area and their cubicles frying up bacon, scrambling eggs, ladling batter into waffle irons, opening fresh cartons of orange juice, making hash browns for chrissake! There were Entamans' cakes opened, cut into slices, muffins, many mini scones (ha ha), coffee, tea, people toasting toast in a toaster!! I couldn't believe it. I probably should have brought some fresh fruit, or oatmeal.

Intoxicated by the smell of this american heart attack, I had a half a waffle, a hash brown (very crispy and tasty), some orange juice and a lemon poppyseed mini scone. I quickly ate, and had to run downstairs to start my day.


Marcus goes out sometimes, he's good and hangs around the house. He generally doesn't get into fights with other cats, and can successfully chase the aggressive toms off. He likes to crouch down and hide while a dozen Western Scrub Jays dive down to the ground repeatedly to compete for the peanuts.

He never goes after them, I think he is a little scared and a little fascinated.

The Western Scrub Jays are taller than him, but I don't think Marcus realizes he has the girth of his bear-like form to weigh in a heavy advantage.

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