Saturday, January 01, 2005

canker sores

I've had some annoying trouble with my bank lately. They have been calling and hassling me about my overdrawn account, when I have been communicating with bank people about my situaion and, according to them, it has been resolved. The whole thing gave me a canker sore. At least so far it seems like a canker sore...

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Happy New Year, I guess, because that is what you are supposed to say, isn't it? It's another day, I'm not a Happy-New-Year drinker, and the fireworks make me nervous. All of the disgusting people on my block are way into lighting off fireworks, in large quantities from dusk to dawn. I woke up 4 times last night. Two of the times, however, were indirectly because of the fireworks. One of my cats, Jim, was spooked by the fireworks, and would pace from window to window, and look out until one went off, then he would dive under the bed. The other cat, Marcus, was annoyed that Jim was so unsettled, and swatting at him and trying to bite him everytime he paced by where Marcus was laying. This whole scene moved itself around my room throughout the night, and woke me up when they had a confrontation on the bed, preferably on my legs.

I don't trust the neighbors and their personal firework display. I mean, where are they getting these fireworks from? Are they drunk when they are lighting and aiming these things? Why, yes! Do they have to purchase the really big and probably expensive super booming and light blossoms that they have to launch into the air with a special launcher? Of course!

Don't be surprised if one day I submit an entry about my roof catching fire. The only thing that settles my nerves is that it rains alot in the winter. Fourth of July is much more nerve racking.

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GrapeNut said...

I totally get the firework thing. Drunk and firepowder is not good. We went to a friends house and played some game, I'll write about it on my blog so you can read it there.