Friday, January 14, 2005

casual friday

Well, It's casual Friday here at the office. I am dressed up today, and it's okay. After months of working in a factory and wearing dickies or carharts, or at home wearing sweatpants, it's nice to have a reason to wear nice clothes. I enjoy being a professional. Some say it's my honeymoon period, but I feel at home here.

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GrapeNut said...'s all good! Once you've worked manual labor and had the pleasure of being treated like shit by someone with a less than third grade reading level, it can't really be much worse. Even with my work situation, I'd much rather this than a number of work situations ie Ambulance, Group Home, Rickels Cashier, Unemployed, Telemarketing for Death and Dismemberment Insurance...that was a blast - think I lasted less than two weeks, cab driver, ambulette driver (yeah fat people in steal wheel chairs)

Seriously Congrats! You deserve it!