Saturday, January 08, 2005

a holes

Well, I rode my bike around town today to run many errands. It was a very windy (I really hate wind) and rainy on and off, several looming dark, ashy gray clumps of clouds quickly moving in and out. I wanted to be safe, so I had with me:
  • reflective leg bands
  • a fluorescent and reflective vest
  • front headlight
  • rear tail light
  • reflectors

So I pull up to a red light. I was there first. A minivan pulled up to me, and pulled in close to the right, mere inches from where I was patiently waiting for the light to change. I ignored the vehicle, but was aware of it. The driver honked, and I nearly jumped off of my bike. I looked over, and noticed it was an older man driving, and what seemed to be his wife, with a map opened and spread over the dashboard.

I gestured with my hands, shrugged my shoulders and shouted "WHAT??" (the New Yorker in me). The driver honked again, and his wife rolled down her window half-way. I suppose that was so I don't attack them or something. She leaned up and spoke, "We're going to turn, you're in our way." I looked over, and said, "You got a turn signal on that thing? That's how you communicate your actions to the people around and behind you".

She rolled up her window about an inch more, and asked, "What?" I noticed the old man shook his head and made some sort of commet about me under his breath. I leaned over to her cracked window, and spoke very loudly, "IF YOU USE YOUR TURN SIGNAL, THAT LETS ME KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING."

Startled, she rolled up her window the rest of the way, as quick as the electronic motor would allow. I heard her start to scold her husband about using his turn signal. He turned on his directional, and gunned it around the corner, around me, heading east on the highway into oblivion.

What a couple of A-holes!

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GrapeNut said...

That totally sucks, but it's funny. Probably most things that suck, which happen to us of course, are really funny.

People suck! Big!