Thursday, February 10, 2005

bus drivers a.k.a. transit hell

Well, I have been using the transit system to travel to work, and it's been an interesting experience, to say the least. I ride the 14 and the 6 in the morning, picking the 14 line up about 6:25 or so. The bus driver I have been getting lately is the most anti-social, impersonally driver I have encountered in a long time. Maybe I've had worse drivers, but I seem to be consistently riding with this driver, whether I plan it or not.

The annoying thing that she does, is that she won't acknowledge anyone who gets on the bus, any hellos, how are yous, answering questions, she just leans far over to her left, shrouded in heavy jackets and the darkness of predawn.

And that's fine. I'm okay with the fact that some people aren't people people, even if being a bus driver requires a certain amount of customer service. The thing that gets me, though is that she shouts all the upcoming stops. The first time she did this I almost spit my coffee all over the fabric covered seats. In the droning silence, she screams over the intercom "FIFTY SECOND TRANSFER TO SEVENTY TWO" with such attitude, it's almost as if she is angry that she's up that early, or driving the bus, or maybe her supervisor chewed her out for not announcing the stops. Whatever the case may be, she seems to take it out on every passenger that gets on the bus.

I have to ride this leg of my journey for about fifteen or twenty minutes, depending on how many people have to get on and off, and how many red lights we stop for. Sometimes she is late, which makes me late for my connection. As a result, I have to wait an additional 14 minutes for the next bus in the damp and freezing fog.

It could be worse; it could be raining a helluva lot more.

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