Wednesday, February 16, 2005

nightmare auto car dealer

Last night after work I went to one of those "financing specialist" auto lots to see if I qualified for a loan to get a vehicle, and to get an idea of the amount of money I need to make a car purchase happen. It turned into this 2 hour nightmare, and they manipulated me into taking a test drive and dragged the process out as much as possible.

The actual auto office was a weird place itself; there was a hallway of small rooms with 3-4 chairs in it, and a table with a phone on it. That was where the salesman sat and discussed your credit history with you, and filled out the application. While in that room, I noticed there were two air ducts, one air vent and a little stereo speaker playing musak pop hits from the 1980's. I wondered if this was so you couldn't hear the conversation in the next room, or if someone was talking about you.

I had about 4 sales guys come into the room and speak to me throughout this process, and I'd have to reiterate my whole situation again. The the manager would come in and say stuff like "Do you have anything of value you can sell, DVD player, jewelry, something of value?" I didn't trust the manager, he seemed like a real creep, and had gelled his hair to the point of it looking like several small crispy daggers on top of his head, and the exposed scalp that was visible between the hair daggers had a shiny sheen. I would again explain that I wasn't looking to get into a car today, I was looking to get information about how much money I would need so I can pool my resources and see where I financially stand. So he left and another young pimply guy with baggy pants on came in and asked me basically the same questions, and received the same answer.

The primary sales guy helping me was this pimply faced young man, he had to be 25 or younger. He wanted to drive me to my house to get my check book to write a post dated check for a car that I wasn't sure if I wanted, it certainly wasn't what I went in there to get. I kept explaining that I had been up since 5 AM and was really tired and hungry, and just wanted some brief information to go home with and think about, and he started pulling the "the car you want may not be here tomorrow" stuff. I told him I didn't care, that was a chance I was willing to take and wanted to go home. He then sent the dagger hair manager guy in again, who started our conversation by saying "What would it take to get you into a car today?" I was pretty exhausted, and borderline hypoglycemic at that point, and replied "Look, dude, I just want to go home. I don't even want a car anymore." The manager guy looked annoyed, and left. I tried to leave, and was tracked down by the pimply sales guy who insisted that I come back and take his card and make another appointment.

I have to call those a holes and let them know I am not coming by. I am afraid that they have all my personal information, and will call me constantly to solicit their company to me. I think I'll report them to the Better Business Bureau.


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GrapeNut said...

Dude, when we bought our truck it was a freakin nightmare and we didn't go alone. They're all creepy...sales people that is, especially with cars. Don't go back to them. You may want to try going directly to the manufacturer dealer i.e. Saturn, GM and see what they have. I think you can have your credit checked on line as well which should save the trouble of sitting in some creepy place with jerks..