Friday, February 11, 2005

reasons i need to stop riding public transportation

I rode into work this morning with the obnoxious bus driver this morning. Sometimes I'd like to kick her teeth down her throat. At least she has a job. I meet many people every day that would be so happy to drive a bus route, let alone clean toilets.

Anyway, here's my list:
  • people that smell like urine or saliva sitting next to me
  • the fear of being pickpocketed
  • stuck in traffic
  • motion sickness
  • getting off the bus and walking to the next stop before the bus gets there
  • people reaking of cigarettes sitting next to me
  • gross people using the fabric covered seats for napkins when they sneeze or snot
  • just missing a transfer and waiting 20 minutes in the rain or freezing weather for the next bus
  • late busses (see previous item)
  • early busses when I'm not at the stop yet (see item 2 back)
  • being a minority on a bus with many angry people
  • high school kids that use public transit
  • a-hole drivers that yell stops, or are just plain rude
  • volitle mental health patients that ride the bus and sit next to or near me
  • psycho creeps that try to pick me up
  • the amount of time it takes traveling by bus
I'm sure I'll be adding more things as I think of them. It can be hell at times...

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GrapeNut said...

Totally! PT Sucks. I have a paranoia about being pushed onto the tracks.. NYC Subway blows!