Saturday, February 26, 2005

Subaru or VW?

Well, I've changed the direction of the car search and procurement. D has agreed to help me out, I was to obtain information about purchasing a new car and seeing where I stand, and then go from there. I know that D has a favorable credit history and experience, so it would be nice to resolve my transportation dilemma, and I am in a position where a new car would be the best value at this point in my life. Besides, I've never had a new car. Only crappy jalopies, environmental and safety hazards, or perpetually broken down hunks of metal.

The funny thing about the credit situation, I'm learning, is that my having virtually no credit is worse than having tons of bad credit. I got my free credit report, and the only things that are on it are a mistake by the library for $40.00 that is at a $0 balance because of an error in my favor, and the fact I've been deferring my student loan. I probably can afford to pay my student loan off, although I think it's BS that I have to pay it in the first place. Jesus, if I'd have gotten my degree, I wouldn't be in the money mess I'm in. I'd probably be in a bigger money mess, but I'd have credit. I'd probably have a car and credit cards. I'd probably be complaining about something different.

What a bunch of crap!

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