Wednesday, March 16, 2005

additional costs incurred from having pets

Yeah, okay, you expect your cats to go to the vet every now and then. They get sick, they get fleas, they puke and have watery shit sometimes. There are certain costs that are a given: food, cat litter, toys and treats, collars and flea treatments. I've discovered that there are many costs I didn't think of. Some of them are:
  • a vacuum to clean up the cat litter they track everywhere
  • replacement items they routinely target and destroy, such as curtains, blinds, plants, clothes, window sills, and furniture
  • cleaners designed to remove the "pet odor" from your carpets, cabinets, and corners of walls
  • cat carriers and other necessary hardware for restraining the cat when he is angry
  • packing tape to unstick the fur to all of your clothing
which reminds me, how is it that if you have a multi or mixed colored cat, the light fur sticks to your dark clothes, and the dark and orange fur sticks to your light clothes?

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