Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Car salesmen in general.

Car shopping sucks. I've decided on a car, and most of my decision was based on the way the sales person treated me. I looked at VW's, and besides the fact that they weren't really trying to work with me, nobody helped me, and a group of fat lazy white sales guys were sitting on plastic lawn furniture, watching me walk around the lot and in and out of the sales office, exclaiming "Is there someone around here that can help me?" I realized when I saw those bastards sitting in the shade, that they have been watching me for about twenty minutes. Then they expected a third of the car price down (yeah, right!).

I also looked at Toyota, because I was interested in the hybrid electronic technology. I had a young sales guy begrudgingly help me, only to tell me he didn't know anything, and pawn me off on another guy who was disinterested in helping me. He wouldn't even turn the car on so I can see the computer screeen display, or explain any of the features. He was wearing too much cologne (which is better than B.O., I guess). He couldn't even give me a direct price, or info about money down, interest rates, fees, etc. I honestly felt like I wasted my time.

I'm deciding on a Subaru Impreza Wagon, to handle my large hobby needs and get me around town. The sales guy who helped me was very accomidating and helpful, wrote everything up and was straight up honest about everything. I really appreicate that. So fellow blogger, wish me luck in this transaction. Until the papers are signed, it isn't a solid deal.

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