Saturday, April 30, 2005


Marcus and I are back from the vet. Before we left I couldn’t get him in to the carrier. During our battle, I found a good way to put him in:

1. Stand the cat carrier on end, so the door opening is facing up

2. Pick the cat up, ensuring one of your hands is holding his feet together, and the other hand is holding his arms together.

3. Drop him in, head up.

4. Quickly close the door, and put the carrier back to its normal position.

The odd thing was, though, was that when it was time for Marcus to be examined he refused to come out of the cage. The technician and I unscrewed the cage and lifted the top off, exposing Marcus hunched down on a knit blanket made by a client I used to work with.

A short while later, the veterinarian walked in, and looked at Marcus’ face and tongue, and when he opened his mouth his tongue was a dark red about half way down to the tip, with a distinct line showing the difference between normal and infected. His upper lips have ulcers on them, and he constantly drools and brown tinged stinky drool. The doctor said she thought the tip of his tongue was dying. That freaked me out. She called in the head vet to look at Marcus and give a diagnosis.

The head vet thought that it was either a chemical burn, or the ulcers on his lips may be related to this “cat acne” condition Marcus has from time to time on his chin. The acne is very minor compared to what is going on now. I got some antibiotics, along with some pro-biotics to give him after he finishes the antibiotics, and will get a follow up call on Wednesday.

He is eating and drinking water, but only wet food so on the way home I stopped and picked up a flat of cans. He occasionally tries to run around and be normal, and stops after a couple of minutes, shakes his head and hunches down again for a few minutes. I gave him the antibiotics when I got home, and he is resting next to the heater.

We also call Marcus "Parkus."

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GrapeNut said...

Thanks for the double post. Didn't mean to be pushy about the posting. That's so freaky, that guy asking for a ride.