Thursday, May 12, 2005

chicken preserve

The other day, I was thinking that it would be nice and very humane if I was rich and had a large amount of land, and could have free-roaming chickens living in my preserve. I know anyone can go to their local health food market, and get free-range, hormone free anti-biotic free chickens, which is probably the best available.

I've seen "free" range chickens. The are all in a giant warehouse, with high ceilings and stadium lighting all over the place. They are in a giant crowd, thousands of them, pacing around, looking around, and shitting. Heads darting in all directions. The bok-boking must be deafening.

I suppose that it's better then the alternative de-beaking and poor genetically mutated chicken-like gelatinous blobs.

I think if these farms wanted to be really humane, they should look into a chicken's natural environment, whatever that may be. People could pay to hunt them and process them themselves at home. Have the kids de-feather them. That's how society could obtain their dinner, and if the local government controls the situation, that could pay for education and social service programs.

I bet a lot less people would be eating chicken.


GrapeNut said...

Problem is, people don't want to think. They want someone to tell them what to do. They want a Pope whose a Nazi to tell them it's okay to hate. They want Burger King to tell them they're hungry and McDonalds to tell them it's okay to super size it.
The human race is stupid...and americans even more so. Americans don't even realize that the group of people, the organization monitoring their food quality is called the FDA...Hello people! That stands for the Food and DRUG Administration. Why are those two very different groups put together? If people had half a brain and weren't lazy they might research the fact that companies like Kraft have subsidiaries that are pharmacueticals....

The Food companies poision us, the drug manufacturers claim they can cure us and all along the government gets some cash under the table.

GrapeNut said...

Besides - That's why I eat nuts....I'm like a fucking squirrel.