Saturday, May 07, 2005

Men's treatment group

Well, I've just returned from a presentation at the Men's Drug and Alcohol In-patient recovery treatment and recently out of prison transition group. They were a pretty rough crowd, but I brought them some doughnuts to keep their mouths occupied so they didn't heckle me while I was giving my schpeil.

It was a success, I ran into someone who I had presented to a couple of months ago who is working with us, making $10.00 an hour! That's more than my partner makes, who hasn't been in prison and isn't in recovery. Things like that make me feel like my job is a success. For all the chaos of the bullshit office politics and pettiness, lost files and insane demands on work output, the positive results make it all worth it.

The doughnuts made a difference, definitely. The group was kind of rowdy, and I had to use my "outside" voice to speak over the commentary from people who are ineligible for employment with us due to a felony or misdemeanors theft or person-to-person crime conviction in the last 7 years, and weren't interested but had to attend the mandatory meeting. For all the non violent felony and misdemeanors offenders we can put them to work, and support people trying to make a positive change in their life.

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