Wednesday, May 11, 2005

mo duk pai = martial + ethics + method

I've done it, I re-registered for Kung Fu, and had my first class last night. The Academy moved to a new beautiful location, and the training facility is gorgeous. Nice large floor area, 1/2 wood floor and 1/2 mats, complete with 3 hanging heavy bags, a punching bag, a climbing rope (insert gym class nightmares here) hanging rings, and several bars for pull ups or chin ups, or just hanging. A nice array of staffs and blunted weaponry are stacked in the corner, and there are high ceilings with many skylights. Our school has a new seal, because my instructor has become a Sifu since I last took the class.

The thing that sealed the deal for me was that he personally came over to me and shook my hand, and said that he was excited that I was coming back to class. I feel really out of shape, and the class kicked my butt. I also know from taking the class in the past that the class I attended last night was nothing compared to how it really is.

I missed taking Kung Fu, and I am glad that I am again.

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GrapeNut said...

man, that's so freakin cool! i'm so happy for you. i'm buying a heavy bag stand and a Muay Thai Bag. i don't know how we're going to fit it in the elevator cause the bag is about 6 feet 130 lbs and
the stand - made of something like steal is 8 foot and 215 lbs. not the same as class. but it's all good.

congrats! when we go to the cape we can train in the morning together as the sun comes up. what do you think?

by morning martial artist
by noon drinking chess maniacs
by night - who knows what damage we can do!