Sunday, May 22, 2005

Yoshida Fine Art Gallery

So tonight is the big event, the first time my art is going to be displayed in a gallery in the art district of town. It’s a pretty big deal for me, although not a big deal in general. I donated two pieces of functional glass art to my company, a 16” rainbow fishnet iridescent and black bowl. This simple yet complex bowl puts the fun in functional. The other piece I donated is a large three-sided rainbow iridescent, clear iridescent, textured and sandblasted pattern bowl, approximately 21” on the long side of the triangle. It kind of reminds me of an ornate, giant Star Trek communicator.

The gallery event is from 5PM to 8PM, and I’m bringing my own personal business cards with me. Nothing fancy, just my name in a woodcut font, my phone number, email, and my generic web page that I still have to update. I’m selling art faster than I can make it because I am between studios, having out grown my current and not quite into the next studio.

I’m a little nervous about the event tonight, all of a sudden I feel like everyone’s going to be focused on me. A lot of times people ask me how I make something. I explain how I do what I do, but most people get lost in the technical aspect of what I am doing, and I have the ability to pick apart my art in ways that nobody can comprehend. I can troubleshoot, and when I get up and running at the next level I feel that I will be satisfied with my quality, and can start creating more complex and mixed media pieces.

We’re bringing a camera, so hopefully I can post some pictures soon.

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