Monday, June 20, 2005

driving to work

As usual on a Monday, I'm running late and find that there's a unique group of motorists on the roads, who jockey for position the whole stretch of the two lane road I take to travel to the north side of town to get to work. It's kind of competitive, and also video game like as I try to veer away from slower moving vehicles and pedestrians crossing ANY WHERE they please. I don't usually drive that way. I'm impatient, and have been a bike rider for several years up until a couple of months ago. At least when I was on my bike and waiting for a light to change, I had the luxury of finding an alternate route, or traveling over an area that cars couldn't access, thus giving me an advantage.

I'm here now, and I hear there are some scones that have been donated somewhere in the building. My mission now is to find the scones and secure them back to my desk.

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