Tuesday, June 28, 2005

flawless, ninja

I had to do some traveling today, and upon entering the highway on-ramp, I was instantly met by a tall, lanky native or Hispanic looking guy. He had scraggly long black hair, a black, kind of long and unkempt moustache, and squinty eyes. His skin was very dark brown; it seems he has spent a great deal of time outside somewhere, someplace very sunny. As soon as I stopped for the light just prior to the on-ramp, with a ton of energy he ran over, and with a squeegee in each hand, he gave my winshield the best cleaning it's had in a while. He did it really quick, and stood back with a huge grin from ear to ear admiring his work. I wanted to give him a couple of bucks because he did such a good quick job, but I didn't have any money on me, just a handful of pennies. "Sorry," I said to him, "all I have is pennies right now."

He put his fist out in a gang handshake of some sort, and was still grinning. I noticed a couple of his knuckles were skinned, and a raw peach skin layer showed beneath the darker surface. I met his fist with my fist (I'm okay with that, I have anti-bacterial hand sanitizer if necessary) and completed the handshake. I hadn't noticed the light had been green for a minute, and other commuters were speeding around me. "I would like to come back tomorrow," I told him, "will you be here about this time?" (Thinking about it now, I think it's funny that I asked him if he would be here tomorrow).

He grinned, and said "flawless, ninja."

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M. Gallo said...

So did you run into this guy the next day? Don't be to trusting of human nature, this guy could be a psychopath.