Monday, June 06, 2005

island of fire

We rented a kung-fu flick yesterday, a Golden Harvest production called "Island of Fire." Jackie Chan starred in it, although he was actually present in about 25 minutes of film footage, and most of that he was shooting a gun. There wasn't any island in this film, and definitely any fire. There were hard to read and poorly translated sub-titles, which added to the fun of the film. We spent most of the movie repeating the Chinese dialect, and I could recognize anytime anyone said the number one, two or three (Yut, Yee and Som). Three quarters of the way through the film, there was some English spoken, which had Mandarin and English subtitles (the irony of English subtitles on English words), then after that brief English exchange, there weren't any subtitles, so we made up dialog to see how the film ended. The fight scenes were pretty good, although few in number. Not all of the Chinese translated well, and the statements you could read would say stuff like "Number one you are call first when need" and "Fight you are when job no go there." That kept it interesting. I would definitely recommend this movie on a rainy Saturday. If you read I Am Jackie Chan, when you watch this film you may recognize Sammo Hung and other Chinese Opera Schoolmates.

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GrapeNut said...

i don't think i've ever seen that one. i did read that book. that was awesome. did you ever watch operation condor?