Thursday, June 23, 2005

a little more about Ben

Isn't "Ben" an early Michael Jackson song or something?

Anyway that's not what I was going to mention about him--

I made some visual observations while we were talking, little subtlies I don't think most people would pick up on. First of all, he had a multi-colored yarn string around his neck, and two keys tied to it. It seemed dingy, because it looks like he wears it all the time until it wears out, then probably ties a new one to the keys and wears that until it wears out. He had some yarn burn on the back and sides of his neck, no doubt from wearing it, and having other articles of clothing chafing it against his neck. The string around his neck was mostly tucked into the collar of his button down shirt; he was wearing a stylish three piece suit, but not cheesy like he was dressing up for a wedding. The string rested under his tie, and to the casual onlooker it wasn't apparent. We engaged in conversation for so long, he felt comfortable after a while, and his body language would reflect it. When he was leaning on the table I saw the keys peek out from under his tie. He absently tucked them back under as he leaned closer to show me a bookmark he made using trigonometry (it's a really cool bookmark). He also has a website, I haven't had a chance to visit it yet but I bet it's really nice. Handing me the bookmark, I noticed his hands trembled slightly. This is probably a result of the medication that has him stabilized.

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M. Gallo said...

can you post a link to his website? sounds interesting.