Tuesday, June 28, 2005

more about potato leek soup

For lunch today, I had a cup of the delicious potato leek soup. I looked at the time, and was late leaving for a job fair. The soup was at the optimum heat level, so I decided to drink it quickly. Tasty as it was, I forgot there are leek pieces in the soup, and couldn't help but feel like I was swallowing bugs. As I thought about this, my gag reflex went into action, and forced the hot beverage and leek pieces into my nasal cavity. Not wanting to get my office wear dirty, I leaned over several files and proceeded to snot rocket leek pieces into pertinent personal personnel files.

All the commotion must have caught Safety Ray's attention and he looked over at me, and asked "What did you bring me for lunch today?"

"Same thing I brought you yesterday," I replied.

I generally don't mingle with the others in the office as far as food gatherings go (except for the birthday breakfast pot lucks, and I think we aren't having anymore, due to a payroll staffer melting the desk surface with the waffle iron). Most of the people I work with eat horrendously. It's amazing they get a response from a body all beaten down from a daily, force-feeding of manufactured, processed, hydrogenized, anti-bacterial crap.


Anonymous said...

Hey don't knock it. Some of that force-fed overprocessed stuff tastes great.

GrapeNut said...

dude, some anonymous person posted a comment at 3 ish in the morning.

yeah - i know what you mean about co-workers eating habits. i watch people chow down on enough pasta to feed two or three right smack in the middle of the day. then they wonder why they've gained weight.

potato leeks, I always wondered what they were.

Anonymous said...

I agree! My co-workers are always complaining about their weight. They eat all throughtout the day.