Thursday, June 30, 2005

nice day for a fire drill

While in the middle of reading a particularly riveting article about Clay Aiken’s food likes and dislikes, the fire alarm went off. Now, as the Safety Committee Chair, I had no prior knowledge of this and plan to make some changes at the next meeting. As you probably guessed, Safety Ray orchestrated this grand monthly event.

Apparently, Clay Aiken is allergic to nuts, mushrooms, coffee, mint, chocolate and shellfish. I say we put him out of his misery now. I saw Clay on the Jesus channel a couple of weeks ago. I wonder how much he charges for private concerts? It would be funny to hire him, then throw wet wads of toilet paper at him while he’s singing.


Simon Le Bon said...

OK what the hell were you reading that had a Clay Akin article in it? For shame.

Anonymous said...

You and i have a lot in common. I hate milk. I only drink Soy. I would be on the bowl all night if I did drink it!