Wednesday, June 01, 2005

people piss me off

People piss everyone off, right? Well, I happen to have a position that allows me to recruit and hire people. I target people that have challenges finding work, and I try to help them get back on track. I had to give a presentation to a group of people who haven't worked in a while, and I get heckled by a couple of a-holes who are frustrated with their lousy lives and project their displaced anger at me. Sometimes I feel like telling people to go F themselves. Last week I almost did. It was the be-all end-all of bad presentations. In a hot little stinky room with about 20 angry people, angry because they are clean, angry because they have no money, angry because they haven't worked and nobody will hire them because of prohbitative criminal background.

F you!

Maybe if you smiled, said thank you, refrained from telling me how hard it is to feed your three kids when you come in here with airbrushed long fingernails and Fubu clothes. Maybe I'd like to have kids, but I recognize that financially, mentally, physically, I am not able to and feel like I should be at a different level before I move onto the next life activity.

We've all got problems. I've hired people who are grateful to get an interview and get hired, who have a really slim chance of placement due to their severity of physical disability.

I don't care if you were high when you robbed that house. I've met plenty of people who are addicts who didn't steal (or at least get convicted for it).

I'm glad I participate in Martial Arts again. I really like the release, the completely switching gears to wholly focus on something, work as a group and experience unity. The workout and the sweat help channel that frustration I experience.

My neighbor who watches me eat is watching me lick hummus off of my pants. My thinking is that I don't want to go to the sink, it's such a small clump and it tastes pretty good, so why waste it?


GrapeNut said...

that's totally funny! you sound real pissed too. at least you didn't waste the hummus. the other day i dropped my only lunch on the floor at work and my boss watched me pick it up and eat it. i said, "ten minute rule!"

by the way, i start tomorrow with my new kung fu instructor. it's shaolin style kung fu...whatever.

call me tonight about those plane tix...there going up in price. i was wrong! later grapenut

Anonymous said...

I used to work with learning disabiled individuals who would give me some bs story about their 5 kids. Of course, they were in rehab for 5-10 years and have no contact with you. Please give me a job! All the time.