Thursday, June 23, 2005

square dancing convention

Apparently there's a square dancing convention occuring this week. I've had the opportunity to interview a few people who were intense square dancers, and they say that there's over 10,000 squaredancers here, from all over the world to compete or something. I forgot this was happening, and ran a couple of errands on my lunch break, and took the main drag (MLK JR Blvd) down the street, past the convention center. At first, I thought there were a few people making bold fashion statements, when I saw an array of puffy short taffita garnished skirts, brightly colored and accessorized by cowboy boots and goofy straw hats.

I enjoy interviewing some people (not all, mind you some are lowlife freaks) and finding out about interesting experiences and previous jobs that seem really interesting. It's hard to remind myself that I'm an interviewer and not someone making casual conversation with an acquaintance. I see a lot of people I interview sometimes in the city, or at the grocery store, and everyone is starting to look familiar, but I can't remember names or anything. Not usually, unless it was a particularlly interesting interview. I remember the volitle people's names with no problem. Some people get offended that I don't remember them, and they get really put off when I tell them I can't remember who they are.

Some days I get busy brain, or brain overload. I think that's why I engage in so many afterwork activites (i.e. glass and kung fu). I feel like if I have down time, I should be doing something.

I'm trying to find a balance...

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