Sunday, July 10, 2005


I found my book of lists. I put it in such a safe place I was unable to find it; the obvious is sometimes the hardest to see. Right after I laid my head down on my pillow last night, I had an epiphany, and remembered where the book was. It’s actually a pad of graph paper on one side, and college ruled on the other side of each sheet. I’m mostly writing on the graph side now, but when that fills up I’ll probably flip the pad over and write on the college ruled side.

Did you ever notice that if you look at a digital clock, when it’s 11:34, upside down it spells “hell”? I first noticed that when I was pretty young, definitely in elementary school, when digital clocks were the rage and I just replaced my soft-orange light illuminated flip-number clock radio with a digital clock. I would lay in bed, unable to get to sleep, and watch the moments pass by. Since then and forever after, if I am awake at night unable to embrace the soft cobweb of sleep, I notice when it is 11:34, and I wonder if anyone else is laying awake, looking at their red stick number display thinking the same thing.

I also notice when it is 11:34 during the day, whether I’m at work or at home. When I was younger, I would theorize during that 60-second duration when it is 11:34, could sinister activities take place, like hell-fire and crimson bursting through unholy gates, and mutants spilling into and camouflaging themselves within human population. At 11:35, all activity would silence and cease, and everything would be “normal” until the next 11:34. I thought if you listened really closely you could hear the screams and roars of the underworld.

I feel I still occasionally notice when it is 11:34, but have come to understand that we exist in the underworld, sinister activities happen around the clock, and the screams and roars are our own voices. The mutants run rampant.

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