Tuesday, July 19, 2005

ceiling fan paranoia

I’m sure I share this paranoia with many people. It’s been pretty warm out lately. It’s not too bad in the morning or around noon, but by mid-day, the temperature starts rising. By sun down, it is pretty balmy and muggy indoors, even with fans running. We’ve tried living and functioning from the basement during warm days in the past, but it is really damp and musty down there, kind of dungeon like, except with christmas lights. The only way we are able to get a semi-restful sleep is to turn the ceiling fan on at night. I suppose it circulates the hot air accumulated during the day, but a hot breeze is better than stifling stillness. Every hot night, my partner dozes soundly, skin cool to the touch and a look of peace on his face. I lay wide-eyed for an eternity, clutching my sheet, aware of the hum on the spinning pendulum above my head. I expect that as soon as I fall asleep, the vibrations from the spinning fan will loosen the screws holding it onto the ceiling. As a result, gravity will take its natural course, and I will experience an untimely demise, either seriously injured, or killed.

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GrapeNut said...

LOL....You're so right, I most definitely have that fear and will not install ceiling fans for that very purpose.