Tuesday, July 05, 2005

flawless, ninja: update

I haven't seen the flawless ninja lately. I went by today and his spot was occupied by an older unshaven pink drunk guy, wearing fingerless gloves and a tight leather trenchcoat, holding a sign that said "God Bless You. Anything Helps." He seemed well fed for a homeless guy, and was sitting on a stool. He also was wearing a walkman. He didn't get up or make eye contact, and seemed to be faintly bobbing his head to some good old classic rock. I wondered how much money he could have possibly made with that kind of work ethic.

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Anonymous said...

Duran Duran wrote...

Why does every homeless person have either a walkman or a cell phone?

At one point, near my freinds job there were 2 homeless gay guys hanging out. Half naked with a cell phone. Next they are going to have an Ipod.