Thursday, July 21, 2005

flying ant mutants

The quirky things in this house drive me crazy. Some of the quirks are creepy, like many bugs of different varitey co-existing and taking over our house. Some things are just annoying, like the kitchen sink that can only be turned on by the valve underneath. The mold is pretty annoying, too. The damp basement is annoying because the couch feels like a giant sponge. I always forget, and we plop down to watch TV once in a while. Then we have a conversation about observing how damp the couch feels, and theories on why that occurs. The basement isn't such a big deal, though, I realize that all basements have a certain degree of mustiness.

I have my work area in the basement, but share space with thousands of spiders, and there's a nest of flying ant-ish termite wood-burrowing insect mutants. The lighting is poor in the basement, so I have a few large floodlights I use when I'm working. These flying ant things are attracted to the light, and they fly into the light, get overwhelmed, and bonce off of the metal shade the bulb is plugged into. and while I"m working I hear the gentle while I'm working. At first, I thought it was annoying, and I had a hard time with bugs, so I'd swat them to the floor and stomp on them. (I try to refrain from killing bugs whenever possible, but the gross ones override my impulse control). No matter how many I killed, there would always be 3-5 of them hovering around. So I gave in, and we co-exist.

The flying ant mutants also have burrowed their nest in the wood of the house, above the washer/dryer and below the main floor bathroom. Apparently when these mutants burrow, they bite and chew the wood, and push it out behind them at the entry of their lair. Unforturnately, the human items below the lair entrance is our washing machine. Before we do a load of laundry, we have to brush off the top of the washer. Sometimes my partner or I will vacuum the lair entrance. I don't know if we are helping or harming the flying ants, they have been so busy developing and expanding I don't really care.

The ant mutants also make appearances in the bathroom. Specifically, on the shower fixtures and in the tub. On hot days, you can find a couple of flying ant mutants walking along the "hot" and "cold" fixtures, or on the floor of the tub. It seems they are accessing the bathroom via a crack next to the spigot for the bathtub. Usually my cats patrol this area, and eat whatever insects they find.

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