Sunday, July 31, 2005

I have a bad feeling about this...

Things aren’t looking good for the crew of the Space Shuttle Discovery. I hear frequent updates in the news about what’s happening, and feel like the media is forcing an overly positive spin on the events that have occurred prior to and since it’s launch on July 26th. The Discovery is going to discover they’re fucked. Here’s an article I found on the web:

Discovery Shuttle Takeoff Footage Reviewed

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Florida – Without further delay, the space shuttle Discovery lifted off Tuesday at 10:39 a.m. EST, as scheduled. Though the liftoff was successful, videotape footage showed a piece of debris falling away from the underside of the orbiter that caused alarm,. NASA officials suspect the debris broke off from a tile near a door covering the nose landing gear. Closer inspection of the shuttle was immediately initiated. Such precautions are being taken in wake of the Columbia shuttle tragedy, in which falling debris from the shuttle during its ascent damaged the aircraft leading to its destruction upon reentering Earth’s atmosphere in February 2003. One hundred and seven ground and aircraft cameras scrutinized the lift off of the Discovery. In light of the falling debris, astronauts onboard Discovery used a 50-foot robotic arm equipped with a camera laser to examine every inch of the shuttle for surface damage. NASA will analyze the videos from the robotic arm to determine what appropriate measures to take next. NASA has recently established contingency plans for repairs to be made to spacecrafts before they return to Earth.

I italicized the last statement because I can’t even believe they haven’t thought about doing this until recently. I think the government is hot to get the shuttle back into space because they are doing more than bringing supplies to the space station, they are unloading all kinds of weird shit, and the space shuttle is damaged more then they let on, and they are removing some of the bigger equipment to prepare for an extended stay on the International Space Station.

If I am listening to AM radio throughout the day, I usually hear a news update once an hour. It seems each time they do the news, they seem overly enthusiastic about the Space Shuttle and what’s going on with it…they’ve lost some thermal tiles on the wing and the insulation is starting to come out, but they aren’t sending a rescue mission, they will go on another space walk and set up a few more satellites. Those astronauts are like Space Laborers, moving all sorts of high tech shit around and fixing things, patching up the wings on their shuttle, troubleshooting problems as they happen, because they weren’t properly addressed prior to launch (!!) and their lives depend on it.

Check for damage control—I mean coverage on events as they happen.

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I plan on paying close attention to this full freight train rolling down hill with no brakes.

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