Monday, July 25, 2005

"Major combat operations have ended"

That's what President Bush said on May 2nd, 2003 from the deck of an aircraft carrier, when he flew in (when someone else flew him in) and he emerged from the jet wearing a flight suit.

Since that proclamation, 1782 military personnel are reported as having been killed in action. This number doesn't include the hundreds that are wounded in battle, transported to a hospital and died later. This number also doesn't include personnel who crash and die in a hum-vee, contractors (mercenaries) killed, innocent civilians killed, or other government workers killed. Another thing that I find disgusting, is it is hard to find news about what is happening in Iraq (or Afghanistan, or anywhere else in the Middle East for that matter). Most stories are buried, unless a large coordinated effort of bombing goes on somewhere.

A good place to read about the casualties in the "War on Terror" can be found at I am going to update my links list and add this link. I think eventually, I'll separate the links into groups of related topics. This site also lists in the left hand column, all the news stories that are relevant to the entire conflict, and is updated daily, sometimes a few times a day.

Currently, there is a 20 year old National Guardsman who was declared captured in April 16th, 2005. Did anyone know that? I just found out today, after doing a little digging.

There's something really wrong with the media, and the propaganda it spews and the things it chooses to supress.

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