Saturday, July 09, 2005

misplaced, but it couldn't have gone far.

I lost my book of lists. I like to keep a book of lists with me, I have a couple that are a couple of different sizes, and write all sorts of things down--something that inspires me, things I absolutely have to remember to get from the store, things I have to remember about work, phone numbers, design ideas, letter drafts--anything that I think needs to be written out. I remember using it earlier today, and checking a list and adjusting a binder clip, but can’t seem to find it. Which causes me to try to remember what I may have jotted down there.

I know I have a list in my car, on the back of a google map on my visor, with a pen. I think I remember what I wrote there, something about a fat guy I saw one day while I was driving downtown in that annoying small city downtown traffic, and this fat guy in a sweater vest with no shirt underneath (bare arms-wife beater look) and his cheeks were stained rosy red, and a damp ring around his face and neck made his short hair look spiky. He was on a mountain bike, in the smallest ringed gear, pedaling like a maniac down the middle of the street holding up all the traffic. He was just out of sync with the red lights that adorned each block intersection as far as the eye can see, and he would race up to the next one, just to slow down and unsteadily put his feet down to completely stop, when the light would turn green, and he would heave himself onto his bike and race to the next block intersection. The whole time I’m in neutral or second, tapping my brakes so I don’t mow down the cars around me. Fortunately for the bike rider, the direction he/we were traveling was going downhill slightly. I followed him to the north, through the southwest side of town into the northwest side. He turned off somewhere in our little 2-block by 6-block Chinatown, and I passed him, thinking he seemed pretty overdressed for his commute. I continued forward onto a bridge that brought me across the river to the northeast side of town.

I know there's more on the back of that google map on my visor. I can't seem to remember what else at the moment...most likely phone numbers for apartments or duplexes for rent that I passed while driving around, and probably other observations about people and their habits in traffic.

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