Friday, July 15, 2005

Mr. Pec

There’s this guy who has his own business: a fitness center and he’s a personal fitness instructor, and he lives on a route my partner and I frequently travel on when we are on our bikes. His name is Bill Pec, and he drives a new silver bug with a magnetic business sign on the door. His license plate says “Mr Pec,” and during the summer when we ride by, he can be seen in his yard strutting around in his Speedo, all greased up. We think it’s funny to yell “HEY, MR. PEC!” and book away as fast as we can ride. We’ve been doing this for about 5 years now. It never ceases to be funny.

1 comment:

GrapeNut said...

LOL...That's hysterical. Mr. Pec. Wish I was there for that!