Tuesday, July 05, 2005

name tag conspiracy

It has occurred to me that if someone has access to a laminator, computer and printer, they can make their own name tags. I've noticed working job fairs and entering official buildings on official business, if I have my name tag on, I can usually just walk by the clearance area. The people who don't have name tags on, even if they are employees of that organization, get stopped and questioned, and possibly searched. Most people just look at me, look at my name tag, and nod. Now, I'm sure that things are different in major cities, or more professional cities. But around here, I believe anyone can put on a nice outfit or tie, clip on a name tag and walk around wherever they want. This could come in particularly handy at conventions where there is complimentary food for attendees.

There is a down side to the name tag situation, of course with every good there's a flip side--if I forget to take it off, and take a break, people start addressing me by my first name. This includes, but isn't limited to wait staff at restaurants, the pump jockey at the gas station (we are one of only two states in the nation that won't allow you to pump your own gas), and of course, the interesting and lively assortment of people hanging out at bus stops.

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Renee_Heydel said...

Hey just a quick "hey!" to say I really liked skimming through your blog. You have a really humourous way of expressing yourself, I look forward to reading more later.

Just thought I'd give you some positive feedback.