Tuesday, July 12, 2005

a note about Lightnin' Loops

Unfortunately, Lightnin' Loops closed in 1993. Here's some stats about the single loop coaster:

Type: Defunct

Manufacturer: Arrow

First Season: 1978

Height: 56 ft. / 17.1 m

FirstDrop: 47 ft. / 14.3 m

Speed: 45 mph / 72.4 m

Track Length: 635 ft./ 193.5 m

Vehicles: 1

Riders Per Vehicle: 24

Ride Time: 1:06

Inversions: 2

Notes: Interlocking shuttle loops. Moved in 1993, one half to Frontier City as Diamond Back, other half to SFA as Python (defunct).

Click here to read about the tradgedy that occured on this coaster.


GrapeNut said...

If you think about it, 45 miles per hour is not that fast to do the loopdloop...

Jimmy Page said...

Yeah, it is really scary. I think I just moved back to NJ after the tradegy occured, I think I was 14. What a fucking horrible way to die!