Sunday, July 31, 2005

Open Sparring - July 30 2005

Here's a couple of pictures of me participating in the Open Sparring event at the Academy of Kung Fu this past Saturday. Students from different styles of martial arts from all over the state were invited to our school to particpate.

Here I'm working with a woman named Laura, from the Academy of Kung Fu taught by Sifu Patty.

Here's a picture of my back as I fail to block in time and receive a side thrust kick. Too bad they didn't get a picture of the expression on my face. Yes, that is sweat.

In this picture, I am in the background. It was very informal and fun, and towards the end of the event, they set up rings and did some tournament sparring for points. More pictures of other participants and students I take class with can be seen at

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GrapeNut said...

That's so cool. Is that you're school? I haven't sparred in Kung Fu yet. I think that's a long way away, which is fine by me. Sparring in Tae Kwon Do meant guaranteed bruises and possible injury. I love the photos.

I can see the heavy bags in the back which are totally cool. My new school looks ancient compared to that. The equipment is ancient as well, but the ambiance makes up for it. There are old photos of the original Masters of our school, taken probably in China back in the 50's and may be earlier. I'd love to drop by and show you the school if there's time. Post more photos!