Thursday, July 21, 2005

Six Flags Over Georgia

Fred was over again the other night, and was telling me about the first and last time he picked up a hitchhiker. Apparently, he lived in Texas at the time, and picked up Joe the hitchhiker just outside of Waco. I’ve never felt the need to pick up a hitchhiker, and I asked Fred if he felt apprehensive or was worried this guy was a freak. “No,” Fred replied, “he was the most boring person in the world. He didn’t even want to share the driving responsibility!” Fred was traveling to Alabama to stay with relatives for 5 days, and dropped Joe off in Alabama. At the end of Fred’s visit, he decided to go to South Carolina to visit other relatives. As soon as he hit the highway on ramp, Joe was standing on the ramp, thumbing for a ride. Fred said he felt so guilty he offered him another ride.

Six hours later, Fred remembers thinking “What the f did I pick him up for?” He wanted to get rid of Joe, but couldn’t think of how. He stopped at rest stops and ate his meals alone, and when he would exit the motorist and trucker’s electric wonderland pavilion, Joe would be waiting by Fred’s car. Finally, while Fred was driving, he saw a sign for Six Flags Over Georgia. “Hey, look buddy,” Fred told Joe, “I’m going to Six Flags. I don’t care what you do.” Fred pulled into the parking lot, he and Joe got out of his car, and Fred entered the theme park. He spent all day there, riding all the rides, eating lots of fun park fare, and at the end of a long day, he returned to his car and Joe was gone. Fred didn’t intend on going to Six Flags, but after he did he decided he had a lot of fun.

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