Wednesday, August 17, 2005

bootleg conversation solo

I have a bootleg copy of a Tool song performed live with the dearly departed singer/guitarist from Alice And Chains -- Layne Staley. Together they perform Opiate, and you can barely tell that Layne is singing with them. The guitar solo is a lot longer than it is on the album, or even other live versions I've heard. I don't actually know if Layne is playing the guitar or if it is Adam Jones (sounds like Adam). The thing that makes this solo great, is that during the guitar solo, there are a few people near the illegal concealed recording device, and they discuss the whereabouts of a friend they arrived with, but haven't seen since before Tool came on.

I like listening to live music. I used to hate it, but recently I prefer it. I turn it up really loud, and find that if you close your eyes you can pretend you're at the concert (except no sweaty people in your personal space and nobody passing a joint around in front of you). I like to sing really loud along with the live music (I enjoy singing, I never claimed to be good at it). I also like to scream and yell "WHOOOO!" and other things I would actually yell at a concert.

This behavior receives great reactions in traffic.

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GrapeNut said...

I'll bet it does. I'm definitely not great at singing but do it anyway at our shows, hiding behind Jae's vocal that is. At one of our shows at the place called "The Perking Latte" we got an encore, so I started singing "Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, Why do people call you that?" Stolen directly from the "Friends" add on TV.

I heard about a show that runs in P-Town called "Space Pussy". Yes, it's called that. I cringed at the name. Anyway, it's supposed to be some show including a band which plays selected tunes to be sung by chosen locals and visitors to sing. The catch is that no matter what you are - man, woman, transsexual, gay, straight - you must dress in drag, as in drag queen. I hear the performers are awful, but the crowd goes nuts cheering them on.