Saturday, August 06, 2005

chicken fried steak and other musings

I read an article where the astronauts said that they could see the effects of widespread deforestation, and could see that the ozone layer was really thin. That makes me feel weird, nearly despondent in a detached way, almost as if I was reading a sad part of a story, such as “Where The Red Fern Grows” by Wilson Rawls, when the two dogs Old Dan and Little Ann die at the end.

I wonder what aliens think, when they view and observe our planet. They probably think we’re a bunch of jerks. I can’t believe it’s so bad it’s visible from space. I heard (and I may be wrong) that 99% of the worlds water is undrinkable or polluted. That’s a crazy number if it’s true. I think I am going to follow up on the situation.

My cubicle is a funny area. At work, we have these half cubicles, and on my left I have the computer support guys (there are two who sit there during the week) Tom and Tim, and on my right I have a glass wall, and Safety Ray sits next to me. I’ve been working on a number of different critical projects lately, so I have been tacking notes and information up on the divider window. I have been strategically placing the notes on the window, so I can see if the boss is walking down my aisle, just in case I’m reading about the Space Shuttle I can quickly click onto my database or something.

I have some visible squares that allow me to be peripherally aware of Safety Ray, and what he’s doing. He smokes a lot, so he sounds like he’s coughing up a lung sometimes. That’s when I’m thankful there’s the window between us. He also has certain lunch rituals I’ve observed, and one of them is getting take-out food from Kentucky Fried Chicken on Wednesdays. I think they have a Chicken Fried Steak Special meal that he gets, which is a hunk of fast food restaurant quality steak breaded and deep fried, along with Ray’s choice of side items (mash potatoes and baked beans), a biscuit and a soda. He really likes his Chicken Fried Steak meal. Our state lottery can be played on CD-ROMs that can be purchased, and I think while he’s eating his lunch he plays the lotto games on his computer.

People I work with make fun of how I eat. I told my boss I was going to Sushi Land, and he asked me why I’m paying to eat bait. I usually eat tamari seaweed rice cakes, with sun dried tomato hummus and Thaichi ginger raw sauerkraut, carrot sticks and a few catamala olives. Or a bowl of cereal. Anyone walking by when I am eating will make a comment or sound like “ewww.”

That’s okay, though. My colon isn’t rotting. And contrary to popular belief, the things I eat taste good.

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