Friday, August 12, 2005


I was driving on the expressway the other day, and for some unknown reason, traffic grinded to a halt. This really miffed me, because I took the expressway for the sole purpose of cutting across town quickly and efficiently. While stopped in the parking lot that was supposed to be streamlined auto travel, I noticed several interesting looking cloud formations, just kind of hovering in the sky over the river or the highway. I came to the conclusion that they are probably alien space ships, optimally camouflaged for maximum observability of the crazy human race.

I also think that it messes with your head to be stopped in traffic on the expressway, because you have a chance to closely observe things that were meant to only be viewed at high speeds. In my case, I noticed each individual pebble embedded in the asphalt, as I sat still on a high overpass, which was on a freaky angle I imagine isn't noticed when traveling normally.

When I was 18, I drove from Tampa, Florida to Miami, Florida, after I graduated from High School as a present to myself. I was with a couple of people, and we had friends or family down there we were going to spend time with. I was driving a 1981 Pontiac LeMans, that was the biggest piece of crap on four wheels. A five or six hour trip ended up taking two days, and involved me sleeping at a Turnpike rest stop in a broken down car. None the less, I did gain something from that negative experience. I am now fully acquainted with a car’s cooling system, from radiator, to water pump, and everything in between. I can troubleshoot anything that overheats, and if I can’t fix it, I can at least identify the problem.

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GrapeNut said...

that's a good thing. hopefully we won't break down in the cape. that would simply suck.

how was it sleeping at rest stop with a broken down car? did someone repair it or it just worked when you woke up?