Sunday, August 21, 2005

shaving math

I finally located razor refills. I can’t wait to not cut myself when I shave. I purchased the overpriced razors, at $10.00 for four refills, and each cartridge provides about 5 shaves before it starts cutting you. That equals about 20 shaves per package, divided by the cost of $10.00 per package, works out to 50 cents a shave.

As I put the greatly sought after razors into my shopping basket, I noticed a fully stocked product peg of razor cartridge refills for my recent former razor. It figures, after accepting the situation and moving on to a new razor, I threw out the old, thinking the razor industry had deemed it obsolete, and it was doomed to become a plastic future piece of landfill.

I am beginning to take this personally.

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