Thursday, August 18, 2005

Z.Z. Wei

Here's some of Z.Z. Wei's pictures. I've seen his a lot of his art around town, and I really like it. From what I understand, he was raised and trained in China to produce traditional Chinese paintings, and anything that deviated was frowned upon. Below is a biography I found about him:

Upon his first arrival from China to the Northwest, Z.Z. Wei could not believe the beauty that spread out before him. His first experiences in the Pacific Northwest were visual revelations. Feeling completely libertaed from the stringent boundries placed on him since birth, he embarked on an artistic oddesy in a quest to paint powerful images of rural America. He found the strong and unique landscapes in this region, and the spirit which moved through them, mirrored his inner passions and the art ideas he sought. This explosion of awareness coupled with his own memories of home having created a visual text in his work that is an intoxicating sensation of the past and present.

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GrapeNut said...

i love it. it's like fire.