Wednesday, September 07, 2005

42 (the answer to life, the universe and everything)

Happy September!

September is derived from "Sept" meaning seven, and "ember" meaning burning ash. So, in that sense, September could mean seven burning ash piles. Or something like that.

Okay, I made that up. Anyway I haven't updated in a while due to an overdue and exciting vacation taken with my cousins Grapenut and Jae. Here's a miniscule sampling of pictures taken by Grapenut and Jae, compared to the collective hundreds we took. My personal picture theory is that if you take many pictures, at least one will come out good. So, without further adieu:

Nothing beats the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean, except of course, the Pacific Ocean. I'd have to say they're two different peas from the same pod...or something like that.

I received this dollar as change from a store in Portland, OR and spent it in Provincetown, MA. I mailed this person a postcard from the cape, too! I felt I had a duty to follow up on the message scrawled on this creased and tired dollar.

When I was about 7, my elementary school had a baloon relase festival, a fund raiser I think. The process was this: In addition to the usual fair fun (cake walks, competitions, pet shows, etc) You purchased a balloon, affixed a tag with your name, address, and other information on it, and during a specific time everyone relased their balloons into the air. I don't know what the point of that was, I suppose to see if someone found it and where they did. I had a very fortunate experience, my balloon was located by Big Bird somewhere in Massachutettes, and I had a postcard sent to the school I attended. I became a celebrity of the moment because not just anyone, but Big Bird actually intercepted my balloon and took the time to write me telling me he found it.

Here's a sandcastle Jae and I made. It was pretty elaborate, we had hotels, love island, a rock washing station and a little warming pool, free from unknown sealife that may or may not have pinchers to cause your lower extremities pain. I couldn't believe how coarse the sand was, but it was also damp and really easy to mold and work with. A highly recommended medium, if you have the opportunity.

Here's what's left after most washed away.

Here's a pier with several quaint living spaces in Provincetown, MA. We spent a great deal of time on the shore and under the pier taking pictures and taking it all in.

Isn't this frog small?

I'm still a rebel.

Commercial Street, a shopping district in Provincetown, MA. It was a long and colorful street, filled with people, restaurants, stores, and access to the bay.

A tibetan prayer wheel in a Global Exchange shop.

The outside of this inn was really cool, there were many fun and different barbies incorporated into a diarama. I have to develop those pictures, but I suspect they will be interesting, to say the least.

Here's a picture taken of me on Commercial Street, conveying important information to Ric regarding our move (which I'll blog about in the near future).


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