Sunday, September 18, 2005

bad razor karma

I was hesitant to bring my *super* razor with me on vacation, because of the TSA and the other various security measures that have been implemented and vary from airport to airport. Well, after much deliberation, I threw caution to the wind and packed my shiny, new, high-tech ultra-expensive razor, the Quattro by Schick. It's pink; I guess they designate the female razors pink to prevent guys (Ric) from accidentally grabbing that piece of precision machinery and shaving his unsuspecting face with it. It's got four blades, man, for super close shavability, complete with a swivel head and an aloe strip on the TOP and BOTTOM of the razor!!

I successfully transported and used the Quattro without incident for much of my vacation, but when we left the timeshare on Cape Cod, and unpacked after we got home in NY, I realized that I left it in the shower of the timeshare.


I finally bought a replacement razor last weekend. It has found a place in my super nice new bathroom, and hopefully this will end the saga for a while.

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Anonymous said...

You are so funny! Razor obsession leads to aggravation.