Tuesday, September 20, 2005

chicken rotation

We've been getting to know our new neighborhood, and about two blocks up there are a few chickens in a wire cage the size of a large dog kennel on the ground. Since we've lived here (about 2 weeks) I've noticed that the cage moves slightly around the outer perimeter of the yard. The chicken keepers spread straw around the areas the chickens had previously been, and yesterday the chickens and cage were on the adjacent side of the property. Pretty neat, especially for in the city. Although I wouldn't quite call this a city, it's more like a large town.

Last Thursday Marcus escaped (he's not allowed out yet) and I suspected that he went to go harass the chickens. There were chickens in our old neighborhood, but I never saw them. I heard them clucking alarmedly sometimes, and often wondered if Jim or Marcus (or both) were aggravating the chickens. I wonder how eggs would taste from a chicken that's in a constant state of annoyance or anxiety?

Marcus used an opportunity to slip out in the early morning, and bolted towards a dumpster (go figure). He was soon unlocatable, and I'm sure he was laying low somewhere watching me look around and call for him. No other way to get to know new neighbors by striking up conversation identifying your missing cat. After I got home from work that day, I spent that evening looking for him, and about 11 o'clock that night I gave up. I sat on our stoop and said out loud "Boy, I wish Marcus would come home." Right on cue, he scurried down the street and under Ric's truck. He came from the direction the chickens resided. Marcus seems a little annoyed that I'm not letting him back out, but other than that he's fine. At least he knows where his home is, because that was my biggest concern.


Anonymous said...

He is so cute!

GrapeNut said...

I love him....