Sunday, September 18, 2005

picture updates

We are still in the unpack phase of our move (a.k.a. locate important misplaced stuff). Here's a picture of what lays before me on our bed, a hodge-podge of laundry, blankets, books, games, a guitar and various pieces of defunct electronic equipment. Not in view is our crappy answering machine, which finally died this afternoon. I felt its time was near, I have had this answering machine since 1996, and received it from a friend who had been using it for a few years already. Ric always hated it because you couldn't choose what messages you could keep or listen to, if you had 7 messages but only needed information off of one, you had to listen to all 7, let the machine reset, press the playback button, listen to all 7 messages again. If you still didn't get all the information, you had to endure the whole process again.

To the right is a poor quality web cam picture I took of a glass experiment I did a while ago, and it had a lot of mistakes, but I like it and stragetically prop it in my indoor plant arrangements. It is two 3mm fused 6x6 squares of the light neo-lavender shift glass, and in between are copper wires I fashioned into squigglies an hammered flat. The result is easily viewed in this picture, but what isn't seen are the large unintentional air bubbles that randomly formed around parts of the copper. If you look close, it is apparent in the picture. I believe this is due to the inconsistent diameter I flattened the copper coils to. Another neat effect is the copper wire, pre-fired and sandwiched between the glass looked copper, but since the firing it looks bluish-purple, except where an air bubble touches the copper. That part stayed copper looking.

Glass is pretty neat stuff. I miss working with glass. I do have a few things going on at my friend's studio, but I now I need my own set up. I moved all my equipment into storage and I have to set up my art space next. Glass is intergrated into my life, I have unfinished pieces and shards of it everywhere: in my purses, in drawers, in containers and boxes, in my car, it amazes me where it shows up.

Right now I have some glass showing at The Perking Latte in Staten Island, NY.


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