Wednesday, October 19, 2005

colors and other digressions...

I have many favorite colors, for a while it was purple, but I think most of the time it’s green. Since I started working with glass, my favorite colors change, and I like certain colors paired with each other. I never used to be fond of red, orange or yellow, but now I not only like, but totally appreciate those colors. And it’s not just because it’s fall, either. I like some blues, I like the deep dark blues, and the blue that make you think of the ocean on a tropical beach, and the blue of the sky at the beginning of dusk. I like gold, and silver, and even have come to appreciate pinks, from salmon to cotton candy. I like living out here because it’s so green, and the variety of green year round is amazing. Part of what makes it so green is the wet climate, most of the year it rains at least once a day. As a result, moss and mold are commonplace. I don’t mind the moss, but it seems to be a multi-million dollar industry to remove, kill or deter growth of moss. Zinc seems to work well, and many roofs have zinc strips lining the top. On the other hand, the mold situation is a toxic environmental poison. It is important that you work and live in a place that’s mold free. It causes symptoms that mimic a cold, like sinus problems, a cough and congestion. There is one big advantage the Pacific NW has over anywhere else I’ve been, that blows my mind: there’s no cockroaches here. I’ve never seen any, and I’ve had apartments next door to biohazards. I’ve had ants, and those mystery flying things that were at the last place I lived, but I seriously skeeve cockroaches.

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