Friday, October 28, 2005

Cooper's Spur

Ric went to Mt. Hood last weekend with a few of his friends, to go ice climbing on a small part of the massive glacier near the peak. This area is called Cooper's Spur. I know it looks small, but it's really far away and incomprehensibly big; I've never been this high on the mountain, and personally I am a little bit chicken to go ice climbing around crevasses after the amount of movies I saw and books I read that involved highly trained professionals getting seriously injured or dying.

In this picture, Ric and his friend are ascending the ice river. They are climbing around 9,000 feet high, and are on Palmer Glacier. Mount Hood is a dormant volcano, and reaches a height of 11,249 feet. It is the highest mountain/volcano in the state. Mount Hood is second only to Japan's Mt. Fuji in the number of climbers reaching the summit. Below is a picture of Ric's friend climbing up an ice wall, using hand picks and wearing crampons on his boots.

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GrapeNut said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I'm still fascinated by the entire thing, however probably will never venture into the world of ice climbing or climbing really high. In fact, thinking back to our ice skating adventure when we were kids, I can remember crying cause you had two blades on your skates and I had the adult ones with one. I think I spent most of that time on my face. It wasn't pleasant. And the truth is, sleigh riding is totally over rated. Doing a crash landing and getting cold snow in your pant legs and possibly your butt is not fun.