Friday, October 07, 2005

...further developments...

I have my home page set to, and it lists several news topics, and lists 3-4 articles on the subject written by any number of international news and magazine sources. Wouldn't you know it, all kinds of follow up articles are coming up, and they are about 50/50 as to if Bush really said God spoke to him. Here's some of what I saw: "Bush didn’t say God asked him to invade Iraq, says official" I read it and it doesn't really confirm that Bush didn't say it, and isn't a clear article in general. Right below that article is he other side of the coin, "The truth about God and George" written by an English newspaper. I especially like a line in this article that reads, "Last month, senior figures in the Church of England questioned America’s sense of "moral righteousness" in its foreign policy." I found a third article, but after reading it decided not to link it because it pretty much echoed the article in the last sentance.

It's kind of interesting seeing the large and varied response and reporting on allthe different subjects. A lot of republican in-trouble reltaed things being written lately, here's all the fun current subjects and links to tons of pages about it:

In The News
Mohamed ElBaradei Harriet Miers

Karl Rove Ho Chi Minh City
Katrina and Rita Adam Gilchrist
Rolling Stones Japan Open
General Electric Atlanta Braves

I wonder how much of this is paid advertising driven, paid for by these corporate driven freaks. I also suppose some of this is drived from relevant searches, and there's so much listed on the main page I suppose you could get really caught up with the amont of topics. Over-stimilus.

On a side note, I debated weather or not I would capitalize the word "God" or not. I don't really think he was an actual being, but something more of a ficticuous nature. After some consideration, I decided to capitalize it because it's a name, and in general I capitalize names.

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