Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I think it’s starting to get out of hand.

What’s going on with the old person situation in this country? It seems like old people being killed due to negligence has spiked lately. The article published today in The Scotsman, “Hospitals investigated over Katrina deaths” begins “SIX hospitals and 13 nursing homes in Louisiana are under investigation into the deaths of dozens of elderly patients following Hurricane Katrina.” Yesterday, a tour boat in Lake George, NY, capsized, killing 21 old people. One of the follow-up articles today read “Outdated Weight Charts Eyed in Boat Fatal,” discusses how the average person isn’t 140 or 150 pounds anymore, obesity and over weight Americans are the new norm. We’re creating more and more drugs to shove down their throats, and compounding side effects with the general deterioration that time has worn away from them, including unaware exposure to radioactivity, lead poisoning, chemical or synthetic ingestion through food, water, or in the air (i.e. I live near a factory).

I have a couple of theories. One is that a larger percentage of the U.S. either doesn’t get along with their parents, or just doesn’t care about needy old people that gave them shit most of their lives. The other theory is that some of these old people require so much care, can be so helpless and needy that other family members become desensitized or emotionally detached from the whole situation. Another theory I have is that the general number of people in the world has increased dramatically with each passing year, so the number of old people dying due to negligence or murder (including euthanasia if the party isn’t mentally competent to make an informed decision about ending their life) is staying the same throughout the ages, the number of us is just increasing.


Jonny Rotten said...

If I've learned anything from a lifetime of reading comic books it's tha exposure to radiation leads to super powers not deterioration. It's a positive thing.

Anonymous said...

Jonny you are tooooo much!